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It has been an honor to guide other practitioners into a more integrated experience of awakening.  
I do not want to be anyones guide forever. My intention is to help practitioners gain enough momentum in their practice to guide themselves with depth and mastery. 

Everyone is coming from varying levels of experience with Presence so I offer a variety of choices as to how frequent we should meet. Contemplate for a moment how much of your day is in peace and presence versus reactivity, resistance, and suffering. If it is 50% or less in Presence than weekly would be most recommended. As we work together you will start to gain more consistency and we can then move to bi-weekly or monthly sessions. 

If you are not sure how much Presence you experience in a day than I invite you to schedule a free intro session for some time next week and pay close attention to how much reactivity you experience until we meet... starting Now. 

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Nora F.

I recently completed the three month mentoring program with Ryan. I signed up because I was entering a difficult phase in my life where my ego was taking over by the excitement of drama. Having discussed Eckhart’s teachings with Ryan at group chats, I asked for mentoring without hesitation. He helped me strengthen my
connection with being and laugh at the antics of ego rather than be
taken over by it. I found him to be sincere, emphatic and non-judgemental. I could feel that the insights he shares does not just come from concepts but from his own daily presence practice. 

I strongly recommend him.


Experiencing glimpses of Presence is quite a gift but learning to bring the gift of Presence into everyday life is a mastery of study and practice. As many practitioners know we tend to fluctuate in and out of presence often. The integration of awakening is quite a journey.

Presence mentoring is an offering designed to create accountability and custom reflection for practitioners to integrate awakening into everyday life.

PS: The prices I have chosen for mentoring do not reflect the value I feel it has. It is truly priceless to me and the whole idea of picking a number is quite silly but also necessary in the practical world. If someone was able to afford $10,000 per session I would gladly accept without any doubt in the value I am offering but the reality is not many can afford that. 

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