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Presence Mentoring aims at helping practitioners to integrate Presence into their daily lives. I will help you reconnect with your Presence and bring attention to potential areas of ego, suffering, pain-body etc... Doing this deep work will aid in liberation.

Three Month Mentoring Program

If you are not able to comfortably afford the price of mentoring then simply ask Ryan about the "pay what you can" plan during the free intro session. 

Nora, Ireland

"He helped me strengthen my connection with Being and laugh at the antics of ego rather than be taken over by it. I found him to be sincere, emphatic and nonjudgemental. I strongly recommend him."

Aaron, NC

"Ryan is an incredibly grounded, present, and authentic teacher.   His open, nonjudgmental presence helped me deepen my awareness of areas of my life where I was experiencing unnecessary stress, and to reside more deeply in an awakened state of being.  Having three months of weekly touch points with a teacher as wise and compassionate as Ryan was incredibly valuable!"

Jared, TN

"Discovering Ryan’s talks and mentoring has been the biggest stimulus to my path by far. His approach to ‘living in presence’ was very tangible and obtainable for me and has awarded both the tools and motivation I needed to go deeper. Every interaction I have with Ryan results in new personal understandings that change my life dramatically for the better. The personalized clarity delivered from him has helped me go above ego and mind beyond anything I’ve found elsewhere."

The prices I have chosen for mentoring do not reflect the value I feel it has. It is truly priceless to me. If someone was able to afford $10,000 per session I would gladly accept without any doubt in the value I am offering.

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